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I can't believe but it really works!

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Here is our Itinerary..
March 17.. Arriving in Shangha... Meet guide at airport transfer to the train.. Train to Nanjing... Stay at Mandrian Garden.
March 18... Free time... Rest
March 19 Meet Maria Jane ( please pray for us)
March 20 Registration and Notarization (paperword)
March 21 Free Day ( spend the day with Maria Jane, getting to know her)
March 22 Getting and checking the legal documents.
March 23 We recieve Maria Jane passport and Fly to Guangzhou ( one step closer to home) Staying at The Garden
March 24 Photo for the baby & Physical for baby & TB Test ( Prayers please)
March 25 Local Sightseeing ( going to the Safari Park)
March 26 Getting the Medical report
March 27 and 28 Free Time ( shopping on the Islands)
March 29 Visa Appointment at 10:00 . That is the swearing in cermony at the Consulate
March 30 Getting Maria Jane passport and taking the train to Hong Kong.
March 31 Coming home ..
Lots of prayers please...

Friday, September 23, 2011

New pictures of AnnaGrace...


We recieved updates today on our sweet Maria Jane.. I got the updated report on your daughter tonight:

Yi Zhen can crawl very quickly and can sit by herself steadily. She can walk using one hand to hold the railing. She loves it when the caregivers walk her around the activity area holding one of her hands.

Yi Zhen is not potty trained yet. She has not been trained by the caregivers. She has very good appetite and she is not picky with her food.

Yi Zhen has learned to say "Ma Ma""Nai Nai""Xie Xie" and other double syllable words. She repeats after the caregivers and says "Hao Ma Ma" "Hao Nai Nai" "Xi Zao Le" and other three syllable words.

She likes to play on the swing. She can swing on her own without being pushed. If you give her pen and note book, she use the pen to doodle on the paper.

I am so happy.... If only that approval letter from USCIS would come...

Maria Jane Birthday Party